Who are we kidding…we all only have 24 hours in each day. But…what if I told you that I can help you make it feel you have 2 more hours than everyone else? That’s right! With a few tweaks, tools, and a few twirls (because you’ll have more time for joy) here and there, you are guaranteed to find more time in each day!  Get those things done that keep getting pushed to the “back burner” (that place where the tomato soup sits…on simmer….until the grilled cheese is done – then it get’s over-cooked. And well… know the rest of the story). Read along to find out the BEST ways to become more ORGANIZED and EFFICIENT!

My goal is to help you take back your time to do more of what you love and what makes you feel good rather than feeling like you never have a moment for yourself. Let’s move into more clarity and a little less hectic, shall we?


Utilize empty space

Go ahead – open that cupboard door under your kitchen sink. My bet is you have absolutely nothing hangin on the inside of those doors….why?! That’s free space, my friend! Don’t even get me started on the bathroom cupboards…. With a few command hooks, some storage bins, and an open mind you can create space you never knew you had! (huhhmm – don’t forget the label maker;)

Getting organized at home and keeping a house that is consistently clean and organized comes down to a few staple tricks. Mainly – use the space you have! Don’t just look at your cupboards as horizontal space but also look at it as vertical space. Think about the height you have to work with as well as the width.


Set Routine

This may be my “Type A” personality popping out but I cannot fight against the multiple studies showing that having a daily routine helps to clear the mind (and the house – in our case) of clutter! One of the best ways to get organized? – Clear the clutter! I am just loving the article on “The Power of Routines in Your Mental Health” posted on Psychology Today. See the bottom of the post for a link!

  •    Have kids and/or pets? – 

Setting a daily routine isn’t just for your own benefit but also for the benefit of those around you. Kids (and pets) thrive off routine! When they know what is coming next or what needs to be done at a certain time it creates less struggle for everyone. What are some of your routines?


Schedule your week (a sure-fire way to become more organized and efficient…I promise!)

Ah! One of my favorites! Scheduling! Who doesn’t love knowing what lies ahead? Don’t fool yourself. Deep down everyone wants to know what to expect. And most of us want to know how to get everything marked off our “to do” list in the shortest amount of time. That’s where weekly organization comes into play.

Now, this can look different for every family. You may want to sit down with your family on Sunday afternoons and see what the week looks like for all of you. You may be the “lead” of scheduling in your family and just share the set schedule when you have it completed. However it looks for you, weekly organization is a MUST to getting and staying efficient!


Work it, girl!

Hey sister, we are in this together! I never want you to feel like you are alone when you have a desire to achieve career success while maintaining a homestead. It’s possible to have both, and I’m here to help you along the way! Getting organized and scheduling your week is not just for the “home office” but for the work office as well!

Getting organized at work benefits us in so many ways. Every day us women have our minds running 100 miles per hour in all different directions. When we are at work we need to have blocks of time to focus on certain tasks. But we also need to have small blocks of time to give our mind a break.

  •    Be Reasonable – 

Now I understand that society tells us we need to be all-the-things to all-the-people all the time. I get it. But I want you to try something a little different: block scheduling. No, it’s not just for school. Check out this amazing explanation of block scheduling from The Work At Home Woman! Setting a specific start and end time helps you to focus on each and every task in shorter periods to accomplish more!


Set family expectations

Living with other people…have I said enough? Listen, I know you know this but I feel like I have to say it anyway: IT’S A TEAM EFFORT! You are not alone. You don’t live in the house alone. And no…the whole “If you want it done right, do it yourself” motto won’t work here.

Keeping your house clean and organized on a daily basis creates less work in the long run. And creating an “all hands on deck” expectation will lighten the load for each family member. Each day do a little here and there. If you are heading upstairs and see something sitting on the table that should be in someone’s room, take it with you. That simple!

  •    Chores – 

As not only a momma but a working momma as well, I am a firm believer in kids having chores! I don’t care how old they are – there is something everyone can do. I currently leave a chore list on the counter for my kids when they get home (or when they wake up if it’s summer).  Part of their daily routine is first getting all their chores done then – FREE TIME:) Want to take it one step further? Keep organized with a daily checklist – Tuesday is all garbage day, Friday is all floors day, etc.


School is in session!

So we have touched base on home and work organization already. But what about school? Yes, even school items can be organized! Whether it’s you who is in school or your kiddos, organization is the key to success and efficiency!

This is another area “block scheduling” comes in handy along with daily routine and weekly organization (I hope you are catching on – the eb and flow here is real!). I currently have a list (yes, another one) on the refrigerator. This list contains items that need to be done in the morning before school and things that need to be done after school. I started using this list most recently for my 12 year old. I let her choose which of the items to do first, as long as they get done. This creates ownership and responsibility and that is a WIN, momma!


Use tools!

Another one of my favorites, tools! No, not the power drill you keep in the garage (although, those are fun:). I am talking about calendars, lists, reminder apps, alarms, planners etc. Utilizing the tools at your fingertips is one of the best ways to get organized and stay efficient.

  •    Specifics? – 

Getting organized checklists can be created using google docs, one note, or another note application on your phone. The best thing about this? You can share the checklist with family and add it to any calendar in order to set reminders. Also, anyone you share with can edit it! 

I also like keeping my calendar up to date and organized with colors. I use purple for appointments, orange for kids activities, and pink for “to do” items. Want to get the perfect planner for your busy lifestyle? Check out these one’s made just for the busy woman!


Wrapping it all up

Want more than 24hrs in a day? We all do, girlfriend. Utilizing these 7 best ways to get organized and efficient will make it feel like you have just that. And as always, start small. You don’t have to make all of these changes at once. Focus on one at a time and go from there.

I would love to hear from you! What are your go to best ways to get organized and stay efficient? Let myself and all the other “wonder women” know down below OR…..

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