The Birth of The Broken Blessings

Who here likes to get up at 4AM and get your workout in?!

Really? That’s all the excitement I get? HAHA! I know…it’s not something we all desire to do at all let alone that early in the morning. But…like it or not… this is part of my typical day.

Picture this…

Here I am, coffee down the pipe, bible study complete and on my treadmill in my basement reading a book. I’m trekking along…(well…as far as a treadmill can take someone haha)…minding my own business when out of nowhere God says “you’re starting a blog”. So I respond “you do see I’m reading here right? Do you mind?” No, I’m kidding! I didn’t say that but I did question it. I had that look on my face…


Yea…you know the one! I was perplexed but honestly I just brushed it off with “like I have anything to say that’s important” and kept reading.

Later the same day He brought it up again. Let me break here a second… I know what some of you may be thinking. “God really talks to you? Really, Stacey?” Yes, he does. It’s not a loud booming voice. It’s not a clear note left on a post-it on the counter in the morning. But he does speak to me and others who open their hearts and minds to his voice.

So after the second time he prompted me on the subject I stilled myself and replied “ok, I will pray about it.” So I prayed and waited. Now, in my experience with prayer I’m used to waiting and waiting to see how God answers. God had a different idea for this prayer that was out of the ordinary.

A little back-information….

 Do you ever get the feeling that maybe you aren’t doing enough? That maybe you aren’t doing what you are “supposed” to be doing…what you are called to do…what your purpose is? That’s how I have felt for the longest time. I have felt like I am not making a difference in anyone’s life. I have felt like my purpose that God has created me for has skipped right past me. That if I could just figure out what his plan for the gifts he has given me is then I would be fulfilled….finally! 

Continuing on…

The next day I follow the same typical routine and add “blog” to my prayer list during my time with Jesus. I pray that if he so chooses for me to start a blog then I very well need some content to write about…right? Coffee down the hatch…sneakers on…treadmill purring…and reading my book. I’m a few pages to the end of completing the book when it strikes me… “Broken Blessings”. That was to be the name of the blog! Here is the paragraph from The Blessed by Sharon McMahon Moffitt that the title came to mind:

“God told me something else recently in a dream. He told me that there was something that needed to be said that only I could say. When I told my friend, Bryan, about it, he was reminded of a story from the Hassidic tradition that goes something like this: God created the world, and then something happened and it broke. It broke into a million pieces, each shard a unique shape and size. In order to heal the world, the story goes, God made each of us to bring a piece of the broken world to the others so the world might be whole again.”

Isn’t this crazy?! This is how I know this blog is from God. Look at the second sentence of the paragraph above! “He told me that there was something that needed to be said that only I could say.” I mean….really?! Let me just tell you… this book has nothing to do with speaking or sharing or writing, etc. This book is about the beatitudes and the application of them in our lives. So, on the page the blog idea was brought to my attention it had nothing to do with blogging or writing whatsoever. Here’s a picture of where I was in the book when God told me to start a blog (left) and where he gave me a name(right):


As you can see it was meer pages between the two! (i’m still amazed)

Ok, so we got a title.

Doesn’t mean I have any idea on what to write about…still! So, as I am walking upstairs to shower and get ready for work I pray for clarification on what I am supposed to write in this “Broken Blessings” blog. “God, give me some idea here on what needed to be said that only I could say.” I hop in the shower and BAM! Yea…God’s got jokes don’t ya know… As soon as I’m in the shower he floods my mind and heart with all the things I’m supposed to tell the world about. So, I mean naturally, I hop out mid-scrub, grab my journal and a pen, and start writing!

God did not make me wait long…like I said.

He has a plan for me and this blog. I pray that I write the words he desires me to write not the words I desire. That this is a place people seek comfort and find it. So I call this God’s blog…not mine. And where He takes it…only he knows.

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