Protein bars. The best protein bar for weight loss. Chances are as soon as you read either of these or even just saw the term “protein bar” it triggered a thought. You either thought “oh, those are only for serious workout people”, “protein bars are just a fad”, “man those leave a nasty aftertaste”, or something else along those lines. And quite honestly I tend to agree with the last two of those most of the time. Until I found the protein bar that changed my mind.

If you ask me, the statement “the best protein bar for weight loss” itself can leave a bad taste in your mouth. To me this statement suggests that a bar in itself is the “secret pill” to losing weight which is far from the truth because, in fact, there is no “secret pill”. Like many things, I like to throw a positive spin on this statement, therefore, I am going to tell you why Built Bars are the best protein bar for weight loss. 


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When asking yourself “which protein bars are the healthiest to eat” you have to be able to identify which ingredients are in them. We all know that we want our fuel for our body to come from whole food sources. So getting a protein bar with MINIMAL ingredients, QUALITY ingredients, and still giving you the macro balance you need is not only important but can prove to be a difficult task…until BUILT BAR

  • No Nonsense Ingredients –

After trying many different brands of protein bars over years and years of “being in the fitness industry” I have found a few different truths: there are always crap chemicals in protein bars, they usually bloat me, and they taste like cardboard. So, why continue to eat them? Well, two reasons: they are handy to have on the go and they get my macros where I need them. Even if I have to deal with gastrointestinal discomfort for a while.

The thing I love about BUILT BAR is their no nonsense ingredients. Right on their website they have a specific tab explaining exactly what they use and why they use the ingredients they do including the research behind each ingredient they use. Check it out! A few things I love about BUILT BAR and why I think they are the best protein bar for weight loss: they use real chocolate instead of some chemically modified chocolate that leaves you craving more, they use zero artificial flavors and coloring, and they have zero artificial preservatives.

  • Gluten, dairy, and nut free – 

Another reason I believe BUILT BARS are the best protein bar for weight loss is that they are also the best gluten free, nut free, and dairy free protein bar. One of the most popular protein bars in the industry not only uses sucralose and aspartame (both which are sugar alcohols that cause intestinal distress) but they use almonds in almost every single bar! Yes, even if the bar doesn’t have nuts (i.e., Double Chocolate Chunk…where’s the nuts in that title??)! When I have a BUILT BAR I don’t have to worry that it will upset my stomach and cause unnecessary bloating and that is a HUGE win in my book! Especially with someone who has an autoimmune disease!

  • Real Chocolate – 

One of the rarest things about BUILT BAR and what makes them the best protein bar for weight loss is that they use REAL CHOCOLATE, friends!! I mean…who here is tired of the fake stuff? Sugar free? Low fat? Blah, blah, blah! Instead of using Cocoa processed with alkali (which happens to be a heavy metal and can affect your hormonal balance along with other toxic issues in your body) like most protein bar companies do in their protein bars, BUILT BAR gives us the real deal! Finally…



I’m just going to go ahead and say it – we, as women, are not getting enough protein in our diets! I don’t know when protein became uncool but protein is needed as a primary macro in our diet to help sustain us. Protein is found in our muscle, hair, skin, nails, and other areas throughout our body. Not getting enough protein in your diet can cause concern for deficiency

Having the best protein bar is more than just protein alone. We want to find a bar that fits our needs, makes us feel good, tastes great, and is the perfect go to treat! You will not believe this but most BUILT BARS protein bars are 110 calories! Yep, that’s it! Check out this comparison of BUILT BAR nutrition facts against other protein bars! The only one that is close to BUILT BAR is Luna bar and it is sorely lacking in the protein along with increased sugar. The 110 calorie protein bars from BUILT BAR are the best protein bar for weight loss because they are more like a treat or a snack rather than a whole meal. 



Not all of us like the same thing. This is not a secret. BUILT BAR knows this about us…especially us women. I mean…come on…one day we like chocolate and the next day we don’t. Just kidding…that NEVER happens! But in all seriousness BUILT BAR offers the most extensive variety of flavors I have ever seen in a protein bar company. Not only that but they are the best tasting!

BUILT BAR is always coming out with new flavors to try. Sometimes they run limited edition flavors like the Cookie Dough. Some of my favorite staple flavors are: Double Chocolate Mousse (tastes like a Charleston Chew), Raspberry Chocolate Creme (decadent), and Coconut Chocolate Creme (tastes like an Almond Joy). The best thing I can suggest is to order the Mixed Box. Then you can try every flavor and decide which you like best from there. Like more than one flavor? Then opt for the “Build your own box” next time where you can choose a box of 3 of your favorite flavors!



When it comes to losing weight and keeping the weight off you have to have the right treats in your corner. You can’t sustain a healthy weight if you aren’t treating yourself regularly. And treats don’t have to be full of sugar and other crap. And they should taste good! That is why you need BUILT BARS. They are the best tasting protein bars on the market and are the perfect “treat tool” to have in your arsenal.

The best protein bar for weight loss will be the one you enjoy eating. The one you look forward to. I absolutely look forward to having a BUILT BAR and in all honesty, I need to stop myself from eating multiple in a row because they are that delicious (and gooey)! Each bar has this real chocolate candy coating with the most delicious gooey center. No need to heat it up or chew on it for hours just to be able to swallow it. You will actually enjoy eating these bars as a treat (and they are good for you)!



One of the best things about having the BUILT BARS in my pantry and ready to go is that I have a quick thing to grab if I am ever having a hankering for something sweet. I know we all have that time of month where we just want to grab a whole container of chocolate frosting and eat it mindlessly while watching our favorite netflix episodes. Instead of the frosting I just reach for a BUILT BAR. And, because of the multiple flavors, I can tailor my treat to my needs at that moment.

Because BUILT BAR is made with such great ingredients, is low calorie, has great fiber and protein content, and tastes amazing I can eat my treat guilt free. This is what makes BUILT BAR the best protein bar for weight loss. They allow you to eat healthy while still treating yourself. 



I know…how can I have anymore to say on BUILT BARS…but, ladies…listen!! BUILT BAR always offers FREE SHIPPING!!!! And…the more you order the more you save! Can you believe this? Plus, BUILT BAR offers special promotions throughout the year to save even more than you typically would. 

Each box you order comes with 18 bars. You can get a box all of one flavor, a mixed box which comes with 15 flavors, or build your own box where you pick 3 flavors. When you sign up for an account you can earn rewards to use towards orders as well.  Bonus: typically with your order to even get to try their BUILT BOOST which is an amazing water flavoring that has so many wonderful ingredients, minerals, and vitamins!



So what are you waiting for, sister? If you are ready to reach your goal, have a treat on hand when you have a craving for something sweet or just a macro friendly bar that you can throw into your purse, hiking pack, cinch bag, or whatever then order a box today!! Remember to get the mixed flavor box so you can try them all before you commit to a whole box of one flavor.

Once you get your hands on the best protein bar for weight loss that also happens to be the best tasting protein bar you won’t regret it! Let me know which flavor you love best! 


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  • Marilyn Mullett

    I cannot find a way to actually purchase the Built Bar. Every
    Ink takes me to a web page where you have to log in as a current customer. I don’t find a link to register. What am I doing wrong? Would love to try these! Thx.

    • Stacey

      Hey Marilyn,
      First, thanks so much for reading! I do know Built has revamped everything within the last month and are actually rolling out a new branding in the next few days. I am not sure if they are changing it so you can’t purchase as guest or not anymore but am sure we will find out when they go live again in the next few days. Here’s what I would do: wait until the 14th and then try clicking on one of my links here in the post or you can even head over to my Instagram or Facebook and find the link to save money in my linktree profile. If they have done away with the “guest” purchase option then go ahead and create a login. It might just be a way to track how often you can use the % off since it’s only on the first order as well. Let me know if this helps!

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