I don’t know about you but when I am doing some shopping (online or otherwise) I like to look at reviews. Reviews really help me to understand if the product works as promised and is worth the purchase price or not. That’s pretty much what this list is – a large review of many products that I love and use on the daily!

I will be adding to this list as time goes on so keep checking back often for updated products that I am using and loving!

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We have had this bed for over a year now and still love it! Not only is it budget friendly but it provides much needed support. Previous beds would leave me achy in the mornings. I would have restless nights tossing and turning because one side would start to go numb so I would turn over to the other side. Over and over this was the case until my alarm went off in the morning hours. No longer is this the case! I can sleep in one position all night and feel amazing the next day. Better yet – Tuft and Needle offer a 100-Night Sleep Trial. You try it for 100 sleeps. If you are not satisfied let them know and they will refund your purchase in full and have you donate it to a local approved charity!


Built bars! Have I said enough? I think I will always love these things! I had my doubts. After trying many other different protein bars and being left with a bad taste in my mouth (literally…and bloat for days!!) I didn’t know if I would ever find a protein bar that satisfied all of my “special” needs. Low and behold…Built came along! I love love love the double chocolate mouse flavor. It reminds me of a chocolate Charleston Chew! So good! Built offers the ability to build your own box with different flavors. You can also select the 9 flavors mixed boxed to switch things up a bit. What’s better – The more you buy the more you save! That’s right…you get a quantity discount! And, as if the news couldn’t get any better…the macro’s on these babies are untouchable!

This soap is our go-to for many things. It’s great for hand soap, cleaning floors, dishes, and much more! We have even used it for body wash, toilet cleaner, and shampoo. Dr. Bronner’s soap is made with pure organic ingredients making it safe and non-toxic for our bodies and for the planet. Bonus points for it also being budget friendly! We used the lavender scent at home (because…well…lavender…) but it comes in many different scents. If you are looking for a safer product that is budget friendly and versatile look no further.


So, if we have this great soap we need to have great soap dispensers right?! Using glass containers is the way to go especially when using essential oil blends. These soap containers are the one’s we use in our bathroom and kitchen. Simply pour a little of the Dr. Bronner’s Castille soap into the bottom of the soap dispenser, fill the rest with water, and boom…you got yourself inexpensive, non-toxic, smell-good hand soap. You’re welcome…


Every woman wants to have some sort of skincare routine. But what we really want is a great non-toxic, inexpensive, and simple skin care routine. Am I right?! Who’s got time around here to be putting up with an extensive (and usually expensive) routine of any sort? After seeing my holistic health care provider for some acne issues and skin imbalances she referred me to these products and I haven’t looked back since (unless there was a mirror behind me and I was checking out my rockin’ complexion…). I uses these two products morning and night (along with a few essential oils – check The Essentials page for more info!). And that’s it!


I do have one essential tool for my skin-care routine – the essential scrub brush! This brush is eco friendly, cruelty free, and budget friendly! All I do is wet my face, put one squirt of my facewash on the brush, then scrub my face in a circular motion to remove all the dirt and makeup. Rubbing your face in a circular motion also promotes blood flow and helps cell regeneration. This means fresher and clearer skin with a youthful appearance. Yes ma’am!


Moving on into the kitchen – how many blenders have you blown up?! Am I the only one?! I swear I have gone through more blenders in the past years than light bulbs….until now! No matter what I have not been able to get the smoke rollin’ out of this guy right here! The Ninja personal blender is perfect for smoothies, salsa, soup, protein ice cream (which is how I blew up my others…), and so much more! It’s the perfect size and doesn’t take up much space and…you know what I’m gonna say…it’s budget friendly!


I cannot tell you how many years I have been using Pyrex dishes for my food storage. Glass storage is free of all toxins and will not leach chemicals into your food like it’s plastic counter part. Plus, it lasts forever and is very versatile. You can freeze, bake, and refrigerate these things. Also, they don’t stain from red sauces! Bonus – another budget friendly item! You can get many different sets of Pyrex dishes with different color lids. This one is good if you are just starting out and want to give them a shot!


Ok – one of the most magical things I have ever come across! This little gadget is amazing! Have you had issues with your oil bottle leaking all over after you pour a tiny bit into a pan? Our’s was leaking all over our counter no matter what bottle we used or what topper we used with it. It was so frustrating because it made a mess and I’m pretty sure we wasted more oil than we actually used. No longer is that the case! Fill this little doo-dad half way with whatever oil you are using, put the cap on and pump it like a bike pump, and viola! You have a reusable aerosol oil spray can! Your life will never be the same! Also budget friendly and BPA free! Head over to my Instagram for a product review to see how it works!


I used to get so frustrated in the kitchen. Most of that frustration would come from knives that were just junk. I didn’t know how junky they were until I came across these Rada knives! If you are a slicer of hard cheeses, fruits, potatoes, squashes and the like then you will get my frustration if you don’t have the best knives. This set does not disappoint. It has completely changed the way I view cooking! My joy is back while I’m in the kitchen! Comparatively this set is still on the less expensive side. A great product for a great price! Plus this is a product made right in the U.S.A.! Product review is on my Instagram!


Game changer! I joined the air-fryer madness and I do not regret it! This little bugger does so much! It has cut down my cooking time drastically and created more flavorful dishes. I used to roast my veggies in the oven which means cleaning pans, waiting for preheating, and they usually wouldn’t get crunchy but mushy. With the air fryer there is minimal clean-up, quick cooking, and…you can literally air fry anything to make it a healthier dish. My veggies come out nice and crisp in no time flat! I like the Ninja because it’s a trusted brand and easy to use. It also dehydrates! This one comes with a higher price tag but I am telling you it is well worth it! This product review is also on my Instagram!

Weighted blankets – more than just a craze, I tell ya! This Tranquility blanket is the exact blanket I have. If you are anything like me you are having to constantly pile all the heaviest blankets on top of you just to feel secure enough to fall asleep. Then a few hours later you want to take all the blankets off because you’re sweating to death. No more! This blanket is another game changer in my life! As soon as I cover up with it I feel calmed and ready for sleep. In the warmer months it is breathable while used on it’s own and in the winter months I pair it with my typical comforter. I’m so thankful for the innovation of products that help me rest well! **Not on AMAZON but there are some like it there as well!