Purposeful passion.

Do you feel as though you have been called to something….or not?

Maybe you have questioned if it is – in fact – a calling. Did you hear Him right? Or have you thought “there are already so many people doing the same thing…why could He possibly need you to do it too?”

Friend, I’ve been there. I have so many things I am passionate about. Different seasons however, bring different passions. I have felt discouraged, unmotivated, uninspired. There have been times when I too have wondered if what I have to say will make any difference at all.

Can I encourage you (and myself) in this?

I just love how Aaron and Jennifer Smith speak about the tabernacle being built in their episode “It’s Time To Say Yes To God”. We all have something different to offer. It might look the same on the outside but on the inside it is unique to us. There is a part in the episode where they talk about a “moving in your heart”. If there is a stirring in your heart it will get done by you, by God. This stirring is PASSION! When there is not a stirring in your heart then things don’t get done. Don’t know what your passion is? Ask HIM. Be in HIS word.  (Listen to their episode on their podcast: Marriage After God.)

We have a calling and a passion burning within us. We just need to find out what it is and follow through. When we say “YES” to that calling we become an integral part of His story. There may be times when your calling seems like a burden. I’ve told myself plenty of times “no one is reading this so why do I even try”. I get caught up in the “ain’t got no followers” game. Or have you heard of the “people might think I’m weird” game? Yep, I’ve played that one too. Or my favorite “I don’t have the energy or time for this!” game.

It all comes down to obedience.

Honestly, when there is a stirring in your heart and God’s passion comes alive in you – He will nudge and nudge. The Holy Spirit will convict you when you decide to watch Netflix instead of pursuing your passion. You might grumble but eventually you will follow through. Why? Because you KNOW you were made for His purpose and you know He called you to do something  only you can do. And if you don’t do it… – well, there will always be the Holy Spirit giving you that look:)

So, are you called?

I just finished reading The God Dare by Kate Battistelli (Yes, Francesca’s momma!!!) and I have to say…this woman is on fire! I cannot wait to do a book review (so watch for that to come in the future!). Ok, done fan-girling…for the moment.

In her book she states “Our efforts without His anointing are doomed to failure”. Let that resonate for a second. When we work in our own strength we get nowhere. Well, nowhere he desires us to go. And sometimes the consequence of doing things in our own strength can whined us up in a desert for 40 years…look at Moses. However, when God has called us….man oh man…the world better watch out because His plan will come to fruition like we’ve never seen before!

And it probably won’t look like you thought it would!

Another quote I love from The God Dare is this – “God wanted to do it His way and in His time”. If you think about it, why wouldn’t he do it this way? It’s his plan for your life. Your life belongs to him. You are a vessel. However, he gives us free will to say “yes” or “no”. Once you say “yes” hold onto your britches! Not because it’s necessarily going to be a fast ride but it’s going to be a wild one. God will have you running forward full steam then all of a sudden he will call you to sit and wait. And he might just have you waiting 10, 15, maybe 20 years… Then, when you least expect it, your standing up and running again. Then you are crawling. After crawling, perhaps a slight jog will ensue. Get the picture? Let God lead!

God’s economy is never wasteful and He never squaders the life training He gives us.” – The God Dare

Ok, promise. Final quote from The God Dare – because, goodness, if I keep going you’ll have read the whole book just by reading this one post!

This quote speaks right to my heart. The Broken Blessings was born because of this thought. God has brought me through so many things in my life and continues to do so. Things that used to fill me with shame and guilt. No more. Since God has made me new, saved me, and washed away all that shame and guilt I can now use all of those experiences to share His love with all of you wonderful readers! This is where God has called me. This is my purpose in this season.

Another podcast I have been loving lately, and will also be doing a post on, is called Confessions of a Crappy Christian (I know…I love the name too!!). On her episode “Solo Ep 03: In Re: Africa & the Hustle” she statesGod can, will, and wants to use you.” She pulls out 1 Peter 2:9 to drive this point home:

But you are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, God’s special possession, that you may declare the praises of him who called you out of darkness into his wonderful light.

We are chosen by God, you and I. We have a purpose. And we have THE ONE within us who draws us to that purpose. It comes down to this: will we say “yes”? Will we be obedient?

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