It’s been a few months now since we started a new year and I’m sure many of us have set new goals and made a new plan to get healthy in one way or another. As with any plan there are bound to be bumps, lane changes, detours, and stop lights along the way. Things that are worth having are not always easy (and I’m sure you’ve heard that before). So, who’s ready for a full body reset

It’s never too late to get our act together, friends. We mess up, fail, make mistakes, go off-course…congrats, you are now part of the “I’m human” club. Welcome! But being part of the “I’m human” club also means we get back up, dust ourselves off, and start again! Who’s with me? 


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What!? You thought you were all alone? You didn’t think other people failed miserably at keeping their get healthy plans and/or New Year resolutions? Actually we formed a special club for that too (kidding…)! People all over the world make New Year commitments. They get excited about a fresh start and positive changes in their lives. Who doesn’t want to get better or be a better version of themselves?

Breaking New Year resolutions is not a recently thought up thing. In fact, the percentage of people who fail at New Year resolutions might even be astounding to you. According to U.S. New over 80% of people will fail at keeping their New Year’s resolutions! We have good intentions when we decide to get healthy but do we really have a commitment to self-discipline? When things get tough and the road gets bumpy will we push through and stay the course? 80% of people say “no way” and abort. 



Good news, friend. It is never too late to start again. You’re worth it! And if you never even started – why not now?! Doing nothing at all is a guaranteed stamp of “failure”. But if you keep trying then you never really fail. No matter how many times you “fall off the wagon” as long as you keep jumping back on then you are moving forward, sister!

A full body reset is the perfect place to start. It cleans out the body, mind, and spirit. It’s the best way to give our whole self a blank canvas to start with. The very best way to create the life you want to live! The best part? There are no gimmicks, diets, special pills, or even a financial cost! All it takes is for you to decide that you are ready to do what you can with what you have! I give you everything you need to get started right here! Are you ready to reset your body, sister?!



So – the burning question – what is a full body reset? Oh…I’m so glad you asked! A full body reset is a way to reboot your body. Remember all that sugar you at during the holidays? Yea, that stuff festers in your body and creates inflammation. All those “spirits” you have been tipping back on? Water retention and dehydration. All the holiday parties and craziness of the season? Misdirected focus and lack of quiet. I could keep going but you get the picture. 

With a full body reset we can clear out the brain fog, re-hydrate our bodies, reduce inflammation, get our hearts back in line with God, quiet our minds, and refocus on being our all around very best self. As with anything – there are pros and cons to doing a full body reset. Let’s get those out of the way so you can make an educated decision. 

  • Pros – 

There are many positive aspects of a full body reset. One thing it does is helps to clear out the clutter. When we reboot our body it helps us to create a fresh start. It can help refocus our mind and heart on what really matters. A full body reset can help us to decide what makes us feel our best in the body given to us. And it can help strengthen us – mind, body, and soul.

  • Cons- 

Just like anything else in life – a body reset has pros and…cons. So what could be a downside to rebooting your body? Extreme measures would create many cons. What do I mean by “extreme measures”? This could be having an “all or nothing” mentality. When we want to make a healthy lifestyle change we usually start going all-in. We change 100% of everything all at once and that can be quite overwhelming and sometimes can lead to an obsession and disordered eating. Another con would be outside resistance. Our friends and family see us trying to take better care of ourselves and sometimes they may not like it (truth).



Now that we have the information we need to see clearly what lies ahead – let’s get to it! I’m sure you are dying to know how to reset your body! I have taken the liberty and created this 7 Day Full Body Reset Guide. It’s a fool proof layout that will help you make your body completely healthy again within 7 days. That’s only 1 week, friends! Anyone can do one week, right?! 

So, what do the 7 days consist of? What are we implementing in just 7 days? And I know you’re wondering – how can we do a full body reset in that short amount of time? In the guide I will show you one thing to implement each day of the week. I provide things to focus on that will clear out your mind, your body, and your soul so changes can start to occur and lead us to making our body healthy again. We will learn what to eat and drink, how to move our bodies and how often, the amount of sleep we should be getting, what supplements to take, and how to implement a steady quiet time. I will also provide a few products that are optional but will help you in making your body healthy again.




When our bodies are working as they should we are able to operate as our very best self. This means we can love better, serve better, sleep better, exercise better, and so on. I am by no means a doctor but I have done enough research and testing to know what works and what doesn’t. Try the 7 Day Full Body Reset for yourself! I guarantee you will be feeling better than you ever have!

Remember to not be so hard on yourself, friend. You are doing the hardest part by just starting! Keep me updated with how you are doing with the 7 Day Full Body Reset. If you are loving it, be sure to mention it to a friend or family member. We all deserve to get our lives back to healthy. It’s one of the best gifts we can give!


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