It’s not ideal, but there are a lot of us busy women who have kitchens that reign a tad on the small side…myself included. And, if your family is anything like mine, the kitchen is where we like to spend a large amount of our time. We like to prepare meals together, scrounge for snacks together, and just sit and chat a bit about our day. This is why I depend on some good kitchen storage planning in order to maximize the small space we have.

Did you know that most people don’t utilize their full space? Utilization of space is basically how people are able to live in those tiny houses. Sure they have less “stuff” but do you ever notice that they are using every square inch of their living space? Let’s look at a few ways we can maximize the small space we have and turn our kitchens into useful and functional rooms.


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When it comes to kitchen storage planning we have to look at ways to maximize our space. Most people look at space as horizontal. I am here to encourage you today to NOT neglect the space that is vertical! If we can train our minds to think of storage as “out and up” then we will realize we have a lot more space to work with.

There are a few basic kitchen storage ideas for small kitchens that can make a world of difference. The very first thing you want to do is determine where things should be located within your kitchen. For instance, it would not make sense to have pot holders in a drawer that is nowhere near the oven. Just like it would not make sense to have the lids to your pots and pans three cabinets further away. Once we have decided the best location for all the kitchen goodies we can move on to maximizing each space.



Ah, yes…the counter. The most overlooked and underestimated part of the kitchen. The counter needs to be looked at in the opposite light of the cabinets and drawers. It’s how much you can fit on it but rather how little you can put on it. Having a clutter-free counter will make a small kitchen appear larger.

Some clever storage ideas for small kitchens include paper towel holder that mounts to the bottom of the cabinet, over the stove microwave, and a fruit basket that hangs from under the cabinet. Toasters can be stored in a cabinet when not in use. I usually keep my keurig on my counter since I use it every day.



There are several different ways to maximize cabinet space in a small kitchen (or a larger kitchen…since cabinet maximizing is all inclusive). One of my favorites, and another overlooked space saving technique is utilizing over the cabinet storage. Over the cabinet storage can be seen and used in two fashions.

  • Space Above Cabinet – 

Some kitchens have a gap between the tops of their cabinets and the ceiling. If you have this space, use it friend! You don’t have to store useless decorations up there (I mean…unless you’re into that sort of thing) but instead you can store items that you don’t use all too often but know you will use in the future. Think: cake boxes, traveling crockpots, or drink dispensers.

  • Back of Cabinet Doors – 

We all have backs to our cabinet doors. One of the best ways to maximize cabinet space is to use the door! I like to do this in a couple different ways. I use command hooks to hang baskets on the back of my cabinet doors, I use over-the-door hooks to hang over the back of the door for hanging items, or I like to use velcro strips to fasten different utensils or spices to the door.



Tell me, friend – are you one of those people who throw everything into a drawer and call it good? I mean..we’ve all been there. I have a drawer I still do that with – it’s my large utensil drawer (another thing you should not be putting into a holder and placing on your counter…no one needs to see your utensils!). So, how do we maximize our drawer space in our small kitchens?

Baskets. Yep – that’s what I use! In almost all of my drawers I have different sizes of baskets to fill up the entire drawer space. This helps to keep things neat and tidy and easier to find while utilizing the vertical space of the drawer. 



In order to really maximize your small kitchen and assist in your kitchen storage planning I have listed several of my most favorite products!

  • Kitchen Drawer Storage Planning- 

Mainstays are my favorite (and cheap) baskets to use for all of my drawers. They come in all different shapes and sizes to ensure the perfect fit.

Some other storage options for drawers could be these handy little drawer dividers! I love them because they are adjustable for ever drawer and they can be installed easily. Same goes for the silverware drawer organizer.

My all-time favorite – drum-roll please………..drawer storage for spices!!! (And the angels sing “hallelujah, hallelujah, hal….”) Am I the only one who is sick of digging through a spice cabinet for the spice I need?! Please tell me I am not alone! This storage idea will save you a lot of time and headaches!

  • Kitchen Pantry Storage Planning – 

I love these clear (and BPA free) plastic storage containers. They come with labels and a marker to keep you organized. I like being able to see how much of something is left and I like the fact that these containers keep things fresh.


I also enjoy these can storage stackers. You can stack up to 36 cans, tin foil, saran wrap, and all of those seasoning packets!


Something that we love in our house is SNACKS! This three tier sliding basket organizer is perfect for all of those snacks that are just strewn about on pantry shelves. Take that one pack of poptarts out of the box and get rid of that pudding packaging! Toss those goodies in this basket organizer and create more space and less chaos! Have a pantry door that’s more like a bedroom door (you know…swings open….) – use this over the door shoe organizer! Store snacks, pre-pack lunches (drink, fruit cup, and treat in one pouch for each day) or help your kids realize their snack allotment for the day!

  • Kitchen Cabinet Storage Planning –

Here we go with utilizing the back of the door space as previously mentioned. Storing cutting boards, lids, foil rolls, or even plastic utensils for those special occasions just became easier! Or what about that darn under the kitchen sink space?!

I love these little buggers for all the pans and the lids that we can never seem to find proper space for! They can be stood up, laid down, or flipped over to fit your cabinet space.

What about adding another shelf without installation?

And again…one of my favorites….SPICE RACKS!! The first one is my all-time favorite and have used it before in one of my previous homes!



With the right kitchen storage planning and a little effort (and obviously the right products) you can turn a small kitchen space into a maximized room. Whomever said you needed to have a large kitchen to get the job done never had the proper kitchen storage plan in place! Now you are one step-ahead, friend and you have the perfect amount of space to get started on prepping those wholesome foods (without having to dig through endless spices to find the right one!)!

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  • Heather

    Great organizational ideas! I’m a huge fan of baskets in my “junk drawer” but I had never thought of putting hooks on my cabinet doors. Great idea!

  • Fleda Bennie

    Having a small kitchen and a big family can be a challenge but your ideas are great. You have to make use of every little corner but do it in a way that helps you access what you need. Yes, I don’t like searching for spices in the cabinets!

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