About Me


Who’s got time for that?!

Listen up!!!

If you are a woman…..

 – and you feel like life is going in all different directions (i mean…you can’t even breath for a second)

 – there’s no sure path you are on and you don’t know where you are headed

  – you feel like you have to be someone to everyone and are stretched too thin

 – and really you just want to #becomeyourbestself and truly understand who that is

 – then you are in the right place, love!

As a fellow woman (Momma, Wife, Working-Gal, Jesus lover – among many other roles) – we are paddling the same boat upstream, sister. Working full-time at a 9-5 job (in the off-season), a momma of 4 girls, wife, grandma of one (so far), pet momma, blogger extraordinaire, volunteer, and whatever else you wanna add to the list – I have a lot going on (as I’m sure you do as well!)! I’ve spent many-a-years being pulled in 15 different directions and not knowing how to juggle it all. With everyone needing something from me I could never find time to take care of my health. My physical, spiritual, and mental health were all permanently on “the struggle bus”! And whenever I did decide to take a few moments to myself, I ultimately felt guilty for taking time away from my kids and husband.

I know you feel the same, sweet friend.

But I’m here to tell you….

It’s time to move from a life of brokenness into the life of wellness we all deserve! Being a woman can be HARD work – but it doesn’t have to be!

It all comes down to an alignment issue!

I started this blog to create a space where, as a busy woman –

  • we can SIMPLIFY our lives,
  • MAKE TIME for self-care
  •  bring our PHYSICAL WELLNESS to a new level
  •  GROW spiritually           
  • and SO MUCH MORE!!!!

                     —  all by only making a few SMALL adjustments each day.

With a passion for Jesus first and foremost, fitness, a balanced and easy way of eating, and holistic health – and with over 15 years of experience in the “health and wellness” industry – I’m here to show you what works and what doesn’t (all in a matter of a few minutes)!!

What’s unique about The Broken Blessings is that we start and finish with GOD. He is the reason we are alive today and get to make the choices we do. In everything The Broken Blessings puts out into the world – we hope to gather more and more people to join the Kingdom and sell-out their lives for Jesus…IN ALL AREAS!

Welcome to the journey of taking back your #bestself (and not feeling guilty about it)!!!

My heart is that you, my #BBT (Broken Blessings Tribe), will come – just as you are – and realize that you are worth it and you always have been!

To be sure you don’t miss out on all of the time-saving tips, free workouts, self-care tools, spiritual encouragement, and so much more – GET THEM NOW!