Are you sick of feeling off? Tired? Sluggish? Like the struggle is never ending? Do you feel like no matter what you do you will never reach your wellness goals? I hear ya, sister, and I am here to help! Feeling your best comes down to more than the physical wellness/fitness of our bodies. I’m sure you have realized that when you work out you feel great…but you also have realized that when you combine that with unhealthy eating and not enough sleep then the workout seems to not matter that much. Heck, it can even feel like a hindrance – just another thing taking away from your sleep and self-care. Therefore, we also must consider the wellness of our mind and what we are doing to pamper ourselves a bit (because YOU deserve it!).

If we don’t care for ourselves, then how on earth will we be able to care for anyone else?! So I’ve laid it all out for you, friends! Here are the 8 steps to take in order to get you feeling the best you have ever felt! 


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I am sure you have realized this after a run or a brisk walk (or even if you simply raced to be the first to the remote) – when you get your heart rate up it gives you a jolt of energy. Among many other benefits to exercise, helping you to feel healthy and energetic is one of my favorites! And what I love most is you don’t have to be a “runner” to get your heart beating at a good rate. There are many other forms of exercise that you can utilize to get the same benefits.

Finding the exercise routine you love to do is the trick to feeling your best. You want to choose a workout that you are excited about doing and one that challenges you in a way that makes you want to push yourself. Just thinking about the workout routine you love might be enough to get that heart a-racin’!



You’ve heard it before and I’ll say it again – YOU CAN’T OUT EXERCISE A BAD DIET!  Getting the right nutrition to fuel your body does a world of wonders not just with how you look but also with how you feel. If you want to feel your best and keep your energy throughout the day be sure to eat whole foods and supplement  as necessary. 

I am not a believer in diets. And before you think “oh, this girl. She jumped on the band-wagon of “it’s a way of life” gibberish” – hear me out. I am a firm believer in the 80/20 rule. It’s easy peasy – 80% of the time you are eating whole nutritious foods and 20% you have those “treats”. We have a life to live, people. Let’s not over complicate things.


Whole foods are those foods that come from natural sources. So, if you can get it from an animal or a plant and there are not other additives among the “ingredients” on the nutritional label, then you are good to go. Eating whole foods will not only fuel our bodies properly but they will help keep our skin, hair, and nails looking their best. 

God has given us plants and animals to fuel our bodies. Everything else is not necessary. When we feed ourselves primarily packaged and chemical laden foods our energy, mood, complexion, weight, joints, sight, digestion, and a multitude of other things, suffer. Getting into the habit of eating primarily Whole Foods will get us into the habit of feeling better.


With all of the pesticides and mutations within the agricultural industry today it is hard to get our hands on foods that have all the nutrients they are meant to have. While I don’t like to rely heavily on supplements outside of our food sources there is a proper place for them in our daily routine to help us to feel our best. The key is to know what to take, how to take it and when. 



You want a feel good tip? Get some sleep! Sleep is so underrated! If you want to feel your best every single day – get a good 7-8 hrs of sleep each night. Want another feel good tip? Stay in that routine – even on the weekends! So many of us think we can get through the week with 5-6 hours since we can always “make it up” on the weekends. “Making it up” is a myth, friends!


You read that right! Getting enough quality sleep can help repair and restore many parts of your body. It can help with the cardiovascular system, immune system, and our hormones. Sleep is great for brain health as well! Getting enough of it can help with problem solving and reasoning. It can also help you to be more productive! (Tell your employer you need a designated nap time;)

  •    FEEL YOUR BEST – 

Getting enough sleep every night will definitely help you to feel your best. Not only that, but it will help you to be at your best everyday! Have you ever noticed that you make worse food choices when you are running low on sleep? All your body wants is more energy and the first thing it wants to do to get that energy is eat. And typically the first thing we reach for is food sources high in sugar! But with the proper amount of rest we can make better food choices to keep us feeling healthy and energetic throughout our day.



Ah!!! The area we all struggle with. As a mom, wife, or just all around busy woman we tend to put ourselves last. Our main priority is to make sure everyone else is taken care of first. Then, when all of that is done….well, we are too tired to do anything for ourselves! The best way to start feeling better about yourself is to take a moment for yourself!

  •    TAKE A BEAT – 

Or 10! Sister, we have got to stop feeling bad about taking a second to breathe! I don’t care what you have to do to get a few minutes alone. Just do it! I know a few women who treat themselves to 3 fun sized pieces of chocolate a day. You know where they eat that chocolate? In the back of their closet with the door closed and the light off. Surely no one will find them there! Need an idea for creating a self-care routine that will get you feeling your best in no time? Check out the VIP resources for a checklist to help get you started!


When is the last time you learned something new? Or when is the last time you’ve done something you love to do? Remembering who you are when you don’t have to be everyone can be so empowering! Get comfortable with spending time with yourself. Get a new hobby. Learn a new skill.  Heck, I urge you to even date yourself! You’ll be looking and feeling beautiful and living your best life in no time! Need to know where to start in “re-creating” yourself? I have just the thing!



Put the phone down. You don’t have to capture every single moment in a picture. I promise life will go on if you don’t. If you want a sure fire way to feel better about yourself and the life you are living then enjoy the moments you are gifted with. Capture them with your mind and store them in your heart. Being present is a priceless gift you give to yourself and those around you.


Ok – I get it. This is a buzzword that creates all those “hokey” feelings. Well, this one and the word “intuitive”. Yes, overplayed but still important. Being mindful can work wonders through many parts of your day and your life. From the way you eat, to the way you workout, to the way you talk to yourself and others – being mindful is definitely a habit you’ll want to create to help you feel better day in and day out no matter how you use it!



One of my favorite things – Organization! Life is so much better when it’s organized. From getting around in the morning, having a smooth work routine, to a “bump free” evening chill sesh, having your life organized will help you to be at your best every day. 


Organizing your life can create efficiency and help all things to run smoother. Utilizing tools such as online calendars, reminders, tasks, and planners will help to keep all of your “to do” items in one place and with you at all times. Keeping things simple in your home cupboards and having a “minimalist” attitude towards “stuff” will help free up space, time, and more than likely a little money. Setting strict boundaries between work and home life will help keep you in a productive state of mind. Building efficiency throughout all areas of your day will definitely help you on the path of becoming your best self!


Where are all of my Type-A peeps at?! This should come easy for you! Type B – Let’s get you in a place that might stretch you a bit but will also serve you well. Creating and keeping a routine will take the guessing out of your days and weeks. It might be a struggle at first but after some time it will be….well, routine!



The #1 way to be at your best every day: fall in love with Jesus! I will forever point to Him when someone asks me to show them the path to wellness. The Lord gave us new life through his son Jesus. We were once broken but by his grace we are mended!

  •    GET IN THE WORD –  

Every single morning I put on the thing that makes me look and feel the most beautiful: The word of God. Get in the word. Know what it says. Know what He says about you. Get to know the Jesus that things you are the most wonderful and amazing thing since sliced bread! Get access to MY UNIQUE BIBLE STUDY METHOD

I know it can be difficult. You start off excited then once you’ve been doing it a while the “newness” tends to wear off. I give to you – BIBLE JOURNALING! To get you started, here is a great post I found useful!


If you want to live your best life, repeat his promises at every opportunity. Know them. Store them in your heart. Call them out as you go through your day. Think upon them. Believe them.



I know there is a lot of information here so let’s summarize: move that amazing body you’ve got, feed it wholesome and nutritious foods, add in quality supplements as needed, SLEEP, take some time for yourself, be in the moment, create routine and efficiency, and get right with God! 

You don’t have to implement all of these things at once. Start with one and once you have that one going smoothly then add another. Following through and utilizing these 8 steps each and every day will help you to feel the best you have ever felt! What steps are you taking today to feel your best?! Let us know down below or….


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