Depending on where you are located in this great big world of ours – winter is almost over! Here in Michigan, it’s been a long haul per the usual and we really won’t be out of the clear until the middle of May or so. However, with the end of the winter season in site, it’s time to start helping it along with four spring cleaning tips and tricks you wish you would have known years ago!

Us busy women don’t always have the time to be worrying about something as mundane as keeping a clean house. With National Spring Cleaning Week starting this month (usually within the 4th week of March), a simple spring cleaning checklist along with some spring cleaning tips and tricks will help all of us usher winter out the door and give us a fresh start to a clean spring – without taking too much time away from what really matters!


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A little bit about National Spring Cleaning Week, where it started, and why. Spring cleaning today is thought of as a renewing of sorts. After being all cooped up inside the house for the colder months we look forward to opening the windows and cleaning out any of the lingering dust, smells, dog hair, molds, soot, etc. If you think about it people used to heat with coal. What a mess that would leave! But spring cleaning isn’t just something we do – it is actually rooted in tradition.

Chinese, Jewish, and Iranian cultures have a traditional “cleaning out” as well. For the Iranian culture their New Year starts in March so they do a sort of spring clean as a symbol of regeneration and renewal. In the Jewish tradition they do a clean out or spring cleaning right before Passover begins. Spring cleaning has been around for a very long time to say the least. And all of the cultures that do a spring cleaning do it for the same reasons – renew, refresh, and revive.


Sometimes I take it for granted that cleaning and organizing is a passion of mine. Not really a passion of love per se but I would say both areas come naturally to me. But this isn’t the case for most people. And you know what? That’s ok! We all have our area of giftedness to keep this world functioning!

  • Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks: #1 – 

The first spring cleaning tip and trick I want to share with you so you can learn how to start spring cleaning is to get your thought process down. You can do this by thinking of your house in sections. Now, these can be in sections of rooms or sections such as walls, floors, windows, etc. I kind of merge my sections while still keeping them separate. For instance, floors are always done last in our house. But, since my house is literally arranged in sections I will do the top floor first (leaving out floors) and work my way down. This will make more sense when we get to the #3 tip/trick and you will be cleaning your house like a pro in no time!



I mean…who doesn’t want to make all cleaning easier?! Am I right, friend?! There are a few ways that we can make this happen. Try to be open minded here – it will serve you well! These are the things that have worked best for me:

  • Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks: #2 – 

This may be a hard pill to swallow but I’m going to pop it in anyway because I love you…MINIMALISM! You don’t need all that….stuff. I admire people who live in those tiny houses. Really the less stuff you have the less you have to clean! I am not a big fan of knickknacks. I understand they may serve a sentimental value and I get it. But I don’t want to have to dust around all of those little pieces. Not to mention when I see “stuff” I see clutter. So, spring cleaning tip/trick #2 to make spring cleaning easier is to get rid of what you really don’t need. Marie Kondo that jazz! You can’t take anything with you when God calls you home.

  • Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks: #3 –

The second spring cleaning tip/trick to help make spring cleaning easier is to break things up into separate days if necessary. You don’t have to do it all at once. There’s no hard set rule and that’s probably why they make it “National Spring Cleaning WEEK”. I like to just get everything done in one day but with my life (unless I have a free weekend or time off work…ha.ha.ha.) it’s just not feasible. So, if you need to do the windows on Monday, the walls on Wednesday, and the floors on Friday then by golly that’s what you do. Make it work for you, sister!


Who would I be if I didn’t offer you some sort of checklist? If you haven’t been a reader for long you might not know but the #BBT is all about making things simpler for us busy women and spring cleaning is not excluded. We are all about lists, efficiency, simplification, and ease, friend! Welcome to wonderland!

  • Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks: #4 – 

I’m sure you guessed it…the fourth spring cleaning tip/trick is to have a handy SIMPLE SPRING CLEANING CHECKLIST! Now this isn’t just any “cleaning” checklist. The checklist is going to start by utilizing the spring cleaning tip and trick #1 and move our way all the way to these final tips and tricks. You get first dibs on seeing my cleaning ways in action, lady! Who’s excited?! 

  • Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks: #Bonus  – 

Of course you get a bonus tip/trick – because really I could talk about this stuff all day long! If you have some of those small humans running around your place (you know the ones…you feed them, clothe them, discipline them, and they throw fits…yea those) slap some rubber gloves on those paddies and get them to work! This is a team effort. All hands on deck! There is no reason you should be doing this alone if you are not the only one living in the house – right? Not only will you be teaching them how to properly care for the things God has given them but you will also give them a new appreciation for your efforts, momma.



All winter long we are cooped up in our home; hibernating in our warm clothes and eating munchies in front of the big screen spewing out all the latest Netflix episodes. Who knows what has fallen between those cushions? We have all the windows shut, our animals spend most of their time indoors (shedding…still…by some messed up miracle), and don’t forget the eight legged trolls that like to creep in when it’s cold out. There have been germs from colds and whatever other sicknesses snuck in through the winter latched to our walls.

Spring cleaning isn’t for everyone. I understand that. We are not all built the same. But can I encourage you to just give it a try and see how it goes? With the excitement of National Spring Cleaning Week and these super simple spring cleaning tips and tricks I’ve shared I have faith you will get through this and you will feel much better on the other side. Jessica Elizabeth and I have a lot of the same thoughts on spring cleaning that I’m sure will help give you the kick start you need!



It’s time, tribe. And I feel proud of what you are about to accomplish (I told you I was crazy about this stuff). Now that you know the tradition behind spring cleaning and have all the confidence and tips/tricks to make spring cleaning easier I am hoping you are encouraged to do a renewal of your own. Let’s dust off the winter blues and step into some springtime hues! 

So, I’m dying to know…what are your spring cleaning tips and tricks of your own? Do you have an established routine or list you follow? Do you clean yourself or does someone come in and take care of it for you while you sip your latte? Let us know in the comments or bee-bop your way over onto social!


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